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Sales Force Automation

UVEOUS SFA Is a software for Pharmaceutical industry, Sales Force Automation is internet based online system that covers the Management Information System for Pharmaceutical Company Sales & to boost Sales and enhance Business.

SFA helps in controlling and enhancing the sales of a pharmaceutical company And Is an established and reputed product for pharmaceutical industry.



• Online - Field-Staff Reports and pharmaceuticals sales force automation from anywhere & anytime

• Web enabled pharmaceuticals field reporting software and alternative reporting via mobile - mobile SFA solution

• User-friendly System - Allows quick entries by Field force Data - Consistency/Integrity/Accuracy

• Substantial savings - Cost of communication (Tel. /Fax, etc.)

• Customer/Doctor segmentation on various parameters Tour program optimizations

• Substantial savings in other Expenses and Over-heads - Courier charges, manpower costs for data-entry, data validation & generation of MIS, etc.


• Speed - reduced Lead Time between data capture and MIS reports

• Improved Communication - HO to Field Staff, Superior to Subordinate & vice versa

• Sharing - Information related to Marketing can be shared On-line (Bulletin Board, Broadcast Communication to select field staff /All)

• Enables smooth communication with R & D, for Technical queries

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Facility to capture detailed information on Customers (Doctors) and offers MIS to Top Management

• Product promotion campaigns creation and assessment

• Control - Assignment, Reporting and Communication of Tasks by HO

• Can be seamlessly extended to the mobile technology (Hand-held Devices like SMART PHONES, etc.)